Upcoming ESM and AMOC Domain Meetings and Splinter Meeting

By TIPMIP-Team March 19, 2024

Upcoming ESM and AMOC Domain Meetings and Splinter Meeting

We’re inviting you to two meetings of individual TIPMIP Domains (working groups) which will occur over the next few weeks. Please note that these events are intended for those interested in contributing/working within these specific domains. Plans for additional community meetings of the other domains (Permafrost, Icesheets, and Biosphere) are in development. However, there will be another opportunity to find out about the latest progress of TIPMIP and to get in touch with us personally in the form of a face-to-face Splinter meeting at the EGU.

Event 1: TIPMIP-ESM Domain + TipESM Protocol Meeting

We cordially invite all parties interested in being part of the Earth System Modelling (ESM) domain of TIPMIP (formerly known as “Coupled Systems”) to participate in a meeting led by Colin Jones, Torben Koenigk, and Shuting Yang - three of our ESM-domain leads. This session will delve into the Tier 1 set of ESM experiments for TIPMIP, offers room for discussions and aims to further define essential parts of a combined TIPMIP-ESM Tier 1/ TipESM-protocol. To accommodate diverse time zones, two separate meetings are planned to discuss the same topics and collect community feedback. To participate, interested attendees must register prior to 16:30 on 22. March here: ESM Sign Up

Those registered will be provided with additional information for their intended session. Kindly note that this meeting is specifically tailored for those intending to actively engage in the ESM domain of TIPMIP.

Event 2: AMOC Domain Meeting

We are pleased to announce the first community-wide domain meeting of the AMOC group, again intended exclusively for participants interested in the AMOC domain of TIPMIP. Aixue Hu, Laura Jackson, Didier Swingedouw, and Wilbert Weijer, as domain leads, would like to invite all interested parties to join the AMOC-modelling group discussion.

From the organisers:

The main experiments for the AMOC working group (using ESMs etc which are being decided in the ESM work package) involve a ramp up of CO2, stabilisation and ramp down at various levels/rates, however there is flexibility in the individual work packages to design experiments for addressing individual tipping elements (ie hosing for AMOC). The timeline of phase 1 is to decide on protocols over the next few months, start experiments this year, and start analysis next year (2025). There may be other phases in the future.

A date for this meeting has not yet been determined, so please sign up to indicate your interest in the meeting here: AMOC Sign Up, and the organisers will be in touch with additional information.

Additionally, we want to point your attention to an AMOC-specific listserv, serving as a primary information hub for future AMOC domain-related updates. Note that this listserv is now separate from the “Coupled Systems” listserv, to reflect the evolving structure of the working group domains. You can sign up for this listserv to stay informed about upcoming events, discussions, and all relevant information here: AMOC Mailing List.

Event 3: Splinter Meeting at EGU

For those interested in learning more about recent developments in the TIPMIP project or who have not been able to attend any of the past TIPMIP events, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding a Splinter Meeting at this year’s EGU on Thursday (April 18) from 10:45-12:30. The title of the meeting is “Information and Updates from the Tipping Points Modeling Intercomparison Project (TIPMIP)” (SPM116) and will take place in room 2.96 (30).

TIPMIP Dinner + Drinks (Sign-Up required, Self-pay)

Dinner: Veggiezz Vegan Restaurant, 19:30 - 21:00

Join us for a TIPMIP and friends dinner on Wed., 17. April, at 19:30, at Veggiezz vegan restaurant (at their location at Salzgries 9, not the Opernring location).

Please note that space is limited to 20 attendees. Therefore please only sign-up if you are confident in your intention to attend. We will close the signup form after 25 signups. If you are not sure you can make it for the dinner, you can always join us after dinner for beers at Mel’s Diner (no advance sign-up required).

Drinks: Mel’s Diner, 21:00 - ?

No sign-up, just show up. See you there!