Towards TIPMIP seminar 5 - 8. November 2023

By TIPMIP-Team August 20, 2023

Addressing Key Uncertainties in Modelling Physical and Ecological Tipping Dynamics in the Earth System

Major uncertainties remain regarding the identification and qualification of climate and Earth system tipping elements, as well as their associated timescales, feedback strengths, and the consequences of compounding interactions between multiple tipping elements. There is thus an imperative demand to advance the modelling of climate tipping points so as to allow for more systematic uncertainty and risk assessments. The Towards TIPMIP seminar (5.-8.11.2023), funded by the Heraeus Stiftung, aims to address this demand by bringing together expert participants from a range of disciplines in order to design and conduct coordinated experiments using Earth system models. It is embedded in an ongoing community effort to shape the multi-year research agenda of a systematic Tipping Point Modelling Intercomparison Project (TIPMIP).

The preliminary invited speakers for the event are:

  • Sebastian Bathiany, TU Munich, Germany
  • Eleanor Burke, MetOffice, UK
  • Jonathan Donges, PIK, Germany
  • Andrew Hartley, Met Office Hadley Centre, UK
  • Laura Jackson, Met Office, UK
  • Colin Jones, National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS), UK
  • Marie-Luise Kapsch, MPI für Meteorology, Germany
  • Sina Loriani, PIK, Germany
  • Johan Rockström, PIK, Germany
  • AlexRobinson, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
  • Boris Sakschewski, PIK, Germany
  • Femke Sleegers, Reclame Fossielvrij and The Social Tipping Point Coalition, NL
  • David Stainforth, London School of Economics, UK
  • Norman Steinert, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, Norway
  • Nico Wunderling, PIK, Germany

All questions regarding the seminar should be directed to the organising team at